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Want to know about QQ Domino Poker online gambling


The gambling became widely played game in the online and it is mainly because people are more interested to earn additional income. There are many agents in online but playing on best site is more important to avoid the fraudulent and lose of real money. Although there are several online agents but you can find very few trusted agents. In the trusted site the players are recommended to play poker cards, Domino 99, bandar ceme, judicapsa, capsa Susun and Samgong – super10 online. Moreover the qqpokerdomino – https://qqpokerdomino.club is the best site for the player to have live casino bet with each player.

Necessary things to know before playing qqpokerdomino online:

The game can be played by all the players but before starting the game it is more important to know some necessary things about the online poker domino which are listed below.

  • The domino cards are of 28 in number it can be played by from 2 to 7 players as maximum.
  • Each player would get 4 cards apart from online cards which would be 2, all the domino cards will have two upper and lower parts separated by line and circles would be on top and bottom of the cards.
  • All the circles, dots, upper and lower parts would be included in calculations.
  • The player has to combine 4 cards into 2 and add dots then mention as top value, if any player gets top value as 9 and 9 will have highest score.

Special cards used in QQ Domino poker:

Apart from two domino cards each player would get two special cards which would yield the highest score in the game. The special cards are pure small, pure big, balak card / twin card and six god cards.

Pure small: this card sphere value is below 9 and it is best conquered with 3, 4 and other special cards.

Pure big: this card has large pure value that is more than 39 so it can conquer only with 3rd and 4th special cards.

Balak card or twin card: this card has same circles at top and bottom so this card can conquer only to the last special card which is six god cards.

Six god card: this is the only card with highest score which not often found by the online players. When the player has all 4 cards with number 6 and this card as special card then player is winner of the game.