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Is it Advisable to Use Credit Cards for Shopping Splurges?


Why do people splurge?

Women are not the only ones susceptible to the acts of impulse buying, or splurging in common terms. Men are also likely to commit splurging just as women, although it’s more stereotypical to associate splurging with women. Splurging happens when we make a huge purchase out of impulse, which is reliant solely on our WANT. For example, a woman can spend hundreds of dollars in splurging from clothes, shoes, and other WANTS just by visiting the mall, whereas men can make purchases of up to thousands of dollars by splurging on gadgets. Regardless, splurging on judi poker online terpercaya is a habit that needs to be removed from your lifestyle if you plan to save a lot of money this year.

Credit Cards for Shopping Splurges

Is it wise to use your credit card on splurges?

 Most people would like to agree that credit cards are useful for splurges because it gives you enough leeway on your physical and liquid finances. Also, it gives them enough leeway because they have to pay for the amount next month. Assuming that an individual can splurge $400 a month, regardless if it’s a man or a woman, it would be difficult to shell out from your savings because it’s a huge amount to spend. With a credit card, you are given one month to pay what you owe from splurging.

If you are someone who knows how to budget his or her way around their monthly income, it shouldn’t be that difficult for you to manage your finances from credit card usage. Things are different if you are the complete opposite or who don’t know the meaning of EC credit control.

What happens if your splurges grow more and more every month? Let’s say on a given month, you’ve actually spent $2000 on splurging alone.

If you can’t budget, you can’t splurge

Even with all the budgeting done and with all your savings, this will be a huge blow to your credit history. Sooner or later, your splurging will grow beyond your control, and if you continue using your credit card, you will end up maxing out your card and draining your finances just to pay what you owe from shopping.

In summary, it is both wise and unwise to use your credit card for shopping splurges. While the financial leeway is appreciated from credit cards, it is more ideal to shop on your savings alone because you have better control of your expenses; it’s better to shop and splurge on a budget than to owe thousands of dollars to a credit card company in a single month. When possible, it’s better to purge the urge to splurge.